Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So, I dyed my hair the other day and it came out a bit darker than expected. It is actually closer to my natural color than the previous shades I've been sporting for the last 8-10 years, but this color is new to you boys. The feedback I received was less than complimentary.

Parker, your exact words were, "Oh Mom!! That does NOT look good."

Kent, your reactions was, "You wook wike a monstur".

Daddy's comment, "You look emo".

Nice boys. We need to talk about tact. The honesty is good, but we need to work on the delivery.

(this is my "oops" face. Since this pic, I've cut my hair and washed it 15x in 3 days, so the color has faded some..much to the delight of the three of you!)

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