Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rainbow Rangers.

Yep. That is what you called yourselves last week when you were playing in the wooded and dried up retention pond in the back of our yard. You were on an adventure spying on bad guys, and ultimately catching them (like you always do). But, of course, every duo needs a team name, and you innovative kiddos decided to combine the names of your Wednesday night church clubs (Royal Rangers and Rainbows). You creatively named yourselves the "Rainbow Rangers". I, of course, could not stop laughing at the "alternative" lifestyle implied in the name. You are both innocent, and your name choice was a self declared masterpiece. I quickly suggested you just be called the "Rangers". You thankfully agreed.

It is scenarios like this that remind me why I blog. I don't ever want to forgot the day you boys ran around the yard yelling, "Rainbow Rangers to the Rescue!" Such good blackmail.

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