Sunday, October 24, 2010


you have been extra clingy with me these last few days, and I'm not gonna lie...I LOVE IT!!

Tonight after I put you and Kent to bed, I went in to the office to blog some about our weekend activities. You came in the room with the book, "I Love You Forever", and you asked me if I could come and read it to you in bed. Now, normally, I would scold you for getting out of bed, but your little ploy worked. Of course I would agree to cuddle you in bed while reading a story about how much a mom and son love each other.

I climbed the ladder to your top bunk and snuggled in with you to read the story. You rested your head on my lap, and intertwined your fingers with mine while I read the familiar book. After I was finished I was telling you how much I was going to love you even when you started driving, dating, went off to college...and you interrupted me there.

"What's college like?"

"Well, it's like a big hotel where a bunch of 18, 19, and 20 year olds live while they go to school to learn how to be teachers, doctors, pastors, writers, etc.."

"But, if I live there in the hotel, when I can I come home?"

"You come home on Christmas, Easter, and then summer time."

"Well, then I am not going to college. I just want to stay right here with you forever."

"I'm pretty sure by the time you are 18, you will have changed your mind. Besides, you can always work and live right across the street from me when you get married" (Ray Barone).

I then asked if you wanted me to sing you a few worship songs, and you said yes. While I held you hand I sang all my favorite Phil Wickham songs, "Jesus Lord of Heaven," "Always, Forever", and "Divine Romance". After the 3rd song, I looked and you were fast asleep. I'm not sure if you fell asleep to escape my off tune worship set, or if my voice soothed you to a restful peace. I'm going to flatter myself and assume the latter.

Just a quick piece of advice: If you ever want to prolong a bedtime, do what you did tonight. I'll never be able to turn down and reading, cuddle, and worship request.

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