Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kenters: YOU DID IT!!!!!!! You played an entire soccer game. You didn't exactly have a smile on your face, but you endured. And, I couldn't be more proud.

During the 1st half hour practice, you wanted nothing to with soccer. You sat on the sidelines with me, Daddy, and Parker and cried.

After many failed attempts at coaxing you to participate, a thought entered our minds, "Kent, if you don't get on the field, we are not going to allow you to play with your friend during Parker's game this afternoon. You are going to have to sit and watch the game and learn how to play soccer". That seemed to cure you. You grudgingly stepped on to the field and slowly but surely began to participate.

After the practice ended and before the game started, you came over for a water break. "Man", I said, "You are kicking so hard! I think all the broccoli you ate went right to your legs. You have so much power! Your team really needs you!". You looked down at your leg, and patted it as a sign of agreement. You chuckled, and then marched right back on the field without a problem!

When the actual game started you stayed back a bit from the thundering lump of 12 other players...but that's okay. You don't want to get in to that crowd...and I don't blame you. At your age, soccer resembles rugby, and that can be intimidating.

We celebrated your trying your hardest, and all day I made sure we continually talked about your success. Go KENTERS!!!

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