Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boys....all three of made my day so special. I was a bit bummed because Daddy was leaving to go out of town this morning, but you three did not disappoint.

Yesterday after school Daddy picked you boys up and took you shopping for my birthday. I kept telling you Parker to tell Daddy that I wanted a "Chi", which is a flat ironing tool for hair. Parker, you repeated back to me, "Okay. You want a "Chin". "No"! I said, and corrected you, "A CHI!!" Aye Aye Aye.

Then early this morning, before Daddy left at 7am, he gave me his card (which was the single most romantic card he has ever written-this is the 15th birthday card he's given me, and it's by far my favorite), and his gift. Which was the CHI I really wanted. That set me in a great mood, and I found my sadness about him leaving, quickly evaporating. He had a good strategy in that one! "Give her a really nice gift, write really nice things in the card, and she won't be mad that I'm leaving on her birthday". It worked.

Daddy left, and then a few short minutes later you boys woke up. Well, left me rephrase that. Thursday mornings in our house are awful because we go to bed so late on Weds. nights. So, I burst in to your room singing at the top of my lungs, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE". You both jolted up out of bed in sheer fear I think.

Once you realized the occasion, you were in a hurry to get dressed and get in the kitchen so you could give me your gifts. On a side note, that is something I am trying to instill in you..the joy of GIVING the gifts outweighs the joy of getting gifts. So, you watched me open my card with smiles from ear to ear. Parker, you picked out a package of headbands for me to wear. You especially liked the fact that a few had a floral pattern on them. Kent, you picked out a set of two hand mirrors for of which, you pointed out, "it's youw favowite cowur".

Parker, you have also been working an little side birthday project for me. During our move, you collected a box, and have been stashing away drawings and colorings in there and you were saving them for my birthday. The brown utility box was decorated in words and phrases, and I quote "Go Cubs. We love Lee. Go Shoocago Cubs. Cubs are Owsum". And there were baseball diamonds drawn in several places. The pictures that you chose to color for me were all Curious George because you know that my favorite animal is a monkey. You also colored several pictures of female characters from all of your coloring books. Such a sweet, thoughtful gesture.

Thank you men. I am so blessed to have Daddy who loves me, and you boys, who love me too. Thank you for making me feel valued and celebrated. You three are my greatest gifts. And the Chi comes in a close second.

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