Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"I give you the Scottberg family autumn pumpkins" (borrowing sentiments from Clark Griswald)

Parker, for the first time in your 6 years, you put your hand inside a pumpkin. You were always too scared of the gooey inside. You didn't like it very much, and quickly turned over the cleaning to Daddy.

Cupcake break

Parker, here you are carefully carving. Your goal was 1/2 scary and 1/2 happy face.

Here is the master carver, with his two apprentices.

The finished products..Kent, notice there are no pictures of you carving or cleaning your pumpkin. You were to grossed out by the inside, so I cleaned yours out. You were also too bored by the carving process, so I completed that step on my own as well. But, I followed your directions for a face, and you were delighted with the finished product.

Ta Da!!!

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