Saturday, September 25, 2010


you had your first two soccer games this weekend, back to back. Starting off with a double-header is tough work! Last year your soccer team in Tinley Park went undefeated, and you never scored less than 3 goals in a game...and you scored more goals than anyone in your league. This year, the competition is a bit steeper, but I know you'll rise to the challenge. You are in 1st grade, and your league is for 1st and 2nd graders. You may be one of the smaller kids in the league, but you have a big fight in you. You are feisty and fearless, and you'll go up against anyone, no matter their size.

The first game you were still trying to figure out if you were going to hang back, or get in the pack of a gazillion kids around the ball. Your team lost 5-1...your first loss of your soccer career. After the game you came over and said, "Mom! I don't want to play if we are going to lose." I told you "Well, if you don't play at all you will lose for sure. You're chances of winning increase when you get on the field and play". Then you pumped your fist in the air and said, "We'll beat this next team for sure!".

You played goalie for the first half and let in one or two goals..I can't remember. You went over and asked your coach to take you out of the goalie position, and he did. Within about 3 minutes you had scored two goals for your team. You scored another one near the end of the game, and your team won 4-2.

This week I am going to work on goal tending, running, and ball handling skills. I have never ever played soccer, but I'm going to try and teach you as best as I know how. If I can pound in your head to be aggressive, determined, and confident, I will have done my job. and one of your friends from church who has a brother on Parker's team, played in the sand for 2.5 hours. You were in beach heaven.

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