Monday, September 27, 2010

We took a family bike ride on Saturday at Culp Lane in Bethalto. I really love love love this park because it has a lined track (this is where I run in the mornings), it has a pond for fishing, and a playground. It is perfect for a bike ride because there are no vehicles in the vicinity. We started off like 4 ducks in a row with Daddy leading, and me as the caboose. It didn't take long for Parker and Daddy to get in a race, and leave me and Kent behind in the dust. Kenters, you are trying so hard to go at lightening speed, but training wheels aren't made for that.

Daddy and Parker made it a bit over 2 miles, and Kent and I were at about 1.4 miles. (I already ran that morning, so my legs couldn't take much more..I was happy to stay with Kenters).

(This is my view from the back of the pack)

I don't know how you boys don't get sick on this thing!

Ride 'em cowboy!

Fun times. We'll do it again for sure!

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