Friday, September 24, 2010


You remind me of a character from one of my favorite TV shows of all times. Chandler Bing from "Friends". Chandler has difficulty posing for photographs..he tries so hard to smile, but it never quite translates through the lens of the camera. There is an entire episode dedicated to Chandler's smiling handicap...and it is one of my favorites.

You my dear dear boy, are the same. You have got to be the cutest 4 year old on the face of the earth, but for some reason, you have extreme difficulty taking pictures. Here are just a few that you either took of yourself, or that I took of you and told you to "smile." Sometimes, I'll look at the picture I just took of you and say, "Okay Chandler, let's try again." I wish I could capture your smile in its full capacity, because it literally has the ability to light up a room, and make any heart swell with joy. You are the perfect medicine when someone is feeling gloomy. are the get an "A" for effort! My favorite aspect of this "smiling" issue is that you try so stinkin' hard. You are my own little Chandler, and I love you for it.


sharonie said...

i needed this good laugh...i was laughing so hard! there is just something about this boy that always makes me laugh!

sharonie said...

i visited your blog again just to see kent's faces!

Judith and Lance said...