Tuesday, September 14, 2010


last night we put you to bed early at your teacher's request as you and the rest of your class were being tested today at school. She wanted each student to be well-rested, and full of energy so you could focus.

We didn't hear you after 7:30, so we assumed you and Kent were asleep. I checked in on you at around 9pm, and Kent was snoring away. You, on the other hand, were huddling in ball trying desperately to use all of the faint light as possible. I intended to scold you for reading after you were told not to, but then I got closer and found that you were actually working on Math problems. Yes, you went in to do "homework" drawer from the summer, retrieved 4 Math pages, and were working away diligently. You were doing problems like 94-36, and so on.

I felt almost guilty from taking away your homework and forcing you to go to sleep. You are a baseball loving, reading obsessed, math fanatic. I wish I was as eager to learn as you are.

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mscottberg said...

i am so excited to see what he grows up to be, he is SO smart!