Friday, September 17, 2010


We were blessed as a friend gave us four tickets to the Cubs game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. The Cubs beat the Cardinals in the two previous games, so the game we went to had the potential to be the game in which the Cubs completed the sweep. In reality, the series means nothing as both teams are pretty much out of the pennant race, but, bragging rights are crucial!

We were all dressed in our royal blue, and we were surrounded by Cardinal Red as we walked to the Busch Stadium. Every time you boys would spot someone with Cubs gear on, you made sure to bring it to our attention.

Parker, as you can tell from the pictures, you were thrilled. Kent, you were excited too, but I think the game started at 7:15, and that is when you are usually going to bed. You weren't that in to the game at first, but near the 7th inning, you began to enjoy the crowd and music. You danced and danced every time a song would come on over the loud speaker.

We sat in Left field directly above Alfonso Soriano. Big Z (Carlos Zambrano) pitched, and he is a favorite of you both. Parker, you of course were hanging on every play. Kent, from the time the first pitch was thrown you were saying, "I'm Firsty Mom", "I'm wheely hungry Mom". I had you hold out until the 3rd inning for a drink and snacks, and then you boys split some pretzels (which we brought from home) and lemonade.

Parker, at one point the Cardinals pulled ahead of the Cubs, and you were sobbing in my arms. You did not like that everyone was screaming madly and cheering loudly for our enemies (that's how you perceive them). I told you to not give up yet, and the game wasn't over until it's over.

You quickly put a smile on your face when Colvin, who ironically is now your favorite player, hit a home run. You were then ECSTATIC when Ramirez hit a homer to put the Cubs ahead. Parker, you have been to four games, and Ramirez has hit a home run in two of them to put the Cubs ahead.

Parker, during the 7th inning I went to use the ladies room and when I came back, I noticed two additional royal blue shirts in our row sitting next to you boys and Daddy. When I got closer I realized it was your buddy P and his dad, who are also Cubs fans. They spotted me walking up from our section, and then they came down to join us. P is your favorite pal from school, and his dad is your baseball and soccer coach. They came to the game too coincidentally, and of course, they were rooting for the Cubs. You got to watch the remaining 2.5 innings with your friend, and you got to celebrate a Cubs win, and sweep of the series (which has not happened in St. Louis since 1988), with us all.

What a great night, and we have many people to thank. I am especially thanking God, that although He meets all of our needs, He also enjoys giving us wants. What a great Father he is!

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