Monday, September 13, 2010

I will bless the Lord
And give him glory
I will bless his name
And give him glory

Boys, I love when the Holy Spirit gives me a reminder that He hears me, He is concerned for my needs, and He is moving to resolve them.

Yesterday morning before church I received some news that several of my family members that I love, were in need of healing..some needed physical touches from the Lord, some needed emotional wholeness, and some need spiritual re-alignment. I was, for an instant, discouraged by these burdens. But then, I chose to praise God and to take my stand against the enemy with Jesus by my side.

I began to sing the old chorus written above. It is a simple melody, but one that I have not heard or sang myself since my Jr. High years at Calvary Church in Naperville when Pastor Robert Schmidgall would sing it at the altar call. But, for some reason I found my heart and lips singing this tune.

As I sang the words, my heart was declaring, "Regardless of what is going on with my family, we will choose to Bless the Lord. We will choose to praise Him, and when these battles are won, we will give Him all the glory He deserves."

Fast forward a few hours after Sunday School, and after the majority of the church service. Pastor spoke about loneliness, and how even that is not to how for God to work on. After communion, we closed with a song...can you guess what one it is?

Yep, "I will bless the Lord." The same song I was singing earlier that morning.

It was a simple nudge from the Holy Spirit that said to me, "Continue to Bless Me, and I will be faithful to you and to your family."

I needed that. I love how the Holy Spirit works to encourage me.

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