Wednesday, August 18, 2010

(random pic that has nothing to do with the post..but his is from our recent vacation with Daddy's family.)

Too much to say, too tired to say it bullet points it is!

*Parker, you lost another tooth yesterday. It was literally perpendicular in your mouth, and you still would not pull it...So, I did it for you. The tooth fairy came and left you $1.

*Kent, you are hilarious. Randomly on the way home from school you told me, "Mommy, everyone in this whole country is my friend..but I not remember all the names."

*Parker, it was a sad sad sad day here as we heard about Derrek Lee leaving the Cubs and going to the Atlanta Braves. The Atlanta Braves are my second favorite team, and they are actually in the pennant I told you it was best for Lee to leave, and you accepted that. At first you said you hated Lee and baseball, but after you calmed down a bit, you said that you think that God loves the Cubs and so you should too.

*Kent, I tried to correct the way you said "Starbursts" as you refer to the chewy candy as "Starvers", and you said, "Well, you can say "Starbursts" but I like to call them "Starvers". It's like when I tell you your shoes are on the wrong feet, or your shorts are on backwards, or your shirt is on inside out (all of these happened yesterday), and you say, "That's because I like it that way". You do not like to admit when you're wrong....I have no idea where you get that from!!

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