Monday, August 23, 2010

(this is a pic of you at the Science Center in St. Louis. You were scared to death of the big mechanical T-Rex)

Before church on Sunday morning, Kent you had a fairly impacting lesson...

"Kent, do not touch that straightener. It is very hot." I warned you as you were sitting in the bathroom watching me get ready for church.

"It's not hot for me Mom!" you said confidently and defiantly as you proceeded to touch it.

Of course, you immediately began to cry out in pain. My first instinct was to spank your bottom and scold you, but I thought I'd nurture first, than correct. I kissed you quickly and ran your finger under some cold water. Then, I disciplined you for your disobedience. I am hoping this was a life lesson for you.

When I was a young girl of about 6, I was enjoying doing cartwheels off the couch. My mom had repeatedly told me to stop, and I, like you, ignored the warning. A few minutes later we were at the doctor's office getting a splint on my broken finger. My mom was giving me direction in hopes of me avoiding pain.

What a powerful life lesson on heeding God's warnings in our life. He sets boundaries not because he wants to keep us captive, but because he wants us to enjoy the safety, freedom, and blessing that flows from obedience.

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