Friday, August 27, 2010

We've had quite the week. Mimi and Pop Pop came to visit along with Grandma Bea. We've had the honor of having Grandma Bea here for the last week, so we've been very busy. I will record the happenings of our last week, but I did want to blog now about a scenario that occurred with you, Parker, that highlights the changes that I've seen in this past year.

For the first five years of your life, I prayed for God to give you confidence and a high view of who you are in Christ. You had a tendency to be meek and timid, and were most comfortable in familiar surroundings with familiar people. You were fairly jostled when we uprooted you from all you knew and loved, and planted you in a new place.

You succeeded my expectations, and minimized my anxiety about the situation. You have soared socially, and your shell has been broken wide open. I think putting you in a stretching enviornment made you a stronger and more extroverted person.

Yesterday you and Kent were riding your bikes in the cul-de-sac, when you noticed a group of 4th and 5th graders at the end of block. One of the boys held a ball in his hand, while the rest of the crew were petting a stray dog. You asked me if you could go over there with them, and I said, "Why don't you go ask if they want to play kickball?" Within seconds you marched your way over to the "big kids", and asked if they wanted to play kickball with you. They agreed, and you spent the next 45 minutes playing with them.

I sat in the driveway pretending to be reading, but really I was watching you interact with them. I was in awe of how quickly you walked up, took initiative and proactively sought out others. That is a part of your character that has matured because of the move. God is so good. That was one of my biggest concerns, and look how God has been faithful! He gave you strength to overcome a weakness...and He did that using a time of transition and change. God is shaping you in to a leader. His plans for your are slowly being mapped out, and I love being a witness to His work.

One of your Sunday School teachers commented on that same things. She talked about how you were always trying to organize games on Sunday Nights, and how you take charge. Who are you?!?!?! This was soooo not you six months ago. But I like it. God answers prayer, and I love that you have become comfortable with yourself, and that you have gained such confidence in who God made you.

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