Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Moments ago I dropped you off or your first day of first grade. You were up at dawn, dressed, and ready to go. You and Kent ate a big breakfast, and you read "The Night Before First Grade," for the 100th time since I gave it to you yesterday.

I was able to take a few pictures of you outside of the house this morning, but really, all you wanted to do was get to school.

Before walking in to the building we stopped and checked the class list, and to your surprise you saw two of your buddies were going to be in your class. I think that eased the pain of you not having your BEST friend in your class.

We walked down your hall, met your teacher, put your supplies away, and then walked to the gym where all the students were waiting in their designated area. I asked you if you wanted me to wait with you until the bell rang, and you politely dismissed me.

I got teary eyed this morning as you were eating your breakfast. I hugged you and told you how much I was going to miss being with you everyday. You rolled those big blue eyes of yours. I got teary eyed when I was walking you in the building, today first grade, tomorrow college. You didn't share my sentiments. You were more than ready to leave my side, and join your friends already waiting in line.

The last words I say to you every school morning as we depart are, "Jesus be with you". My mom said that same phrase to all of us kids when we were growing up, and now I say it to you. To remind you, to convict you, to comfort you, and to challenge you.

Kent, you were a comfort to me. As we walked out of Parker's school holding hands, I thought, "at least I have one more baby to be with during the day". Then I thought of having to leave you next year when you go to Kindergarten, and I had a huge lump to swallow. I am soo not ready or THAT day to come.

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Judith and Lance said...

They are so cute! I do not look forward to my girls' first day of school. Bella starts 2 day pre-school in Sept and I"m already heartbroken!