Monday, August 16, 2010

Boys, last night we sang a song about God's holiness. It was one of his attributes that interests me the most.


Separate. Blameless. Perfect. Without error. Never making a mistake.

In all the years of the existence of our world, God has not made one mistake. In all the lives of all the people who ever lived throughout the history of time and who are living now, God has not made one error in what He allows and what He does not. From the beginning of humanity until the present, God has not erred. There has not been one nano-second in which God was not on the throne holding the entirety of the world in the palm of Hand.

God's holiness inspires me to live righteously, and it causes me to be in reverent awe of Him, but even more so, it gives me great peace to know that He operates in absolute perfection.

Do I seriously think that the first mistake God would ever make would be with my life? Honestly, when you put it this way, surrender should be easy and trust should be uncomplicated.

Every detail of my life is in the hands of a more than capable Father. He doesn't act too quickly, discipline too rashly, or provide too late. He is perfect, and He therefore can run my life with optimal precision. There is no one better to entrust my life, my wants, my desires, my concerns, and my dreams to. He is Holy, and he is therefore without fault. He simply cannot make a mistake. What a perfect Father.

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