Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have a migraine the size of the northern hemisphere, but I have to record these things before I forget. First of all, today you insisted on wearing a gray pair of socks with red trim on them and your green and black camo chuck taylors...with blue and white plaid 104 degree heat. You also colored your forehead with brown marker, and wanted to keep it on as we ran errands today and went to church this evening. I don't want to stifle your creativity, so I just let you be you and express yourself. That is not an easy thing for this type A mom to do.

On another note, here is what you told me today in the car, "Mom, do you know Elijah is a wheel purson. He is not on da Cubs but he is in da Bible and I wike him enaways." I love how you think that we only like someone who is affiliated with the Cubs. You also like to point out any and all "Caudnull" (Cardinal) paraphanalia and you honestly act like its the worst thing you've seen. I need to tone down your passion for the Blue, your going to get yourself in a few fights I think!

You are asking me so many questions about Jesus lately. "Did He build the waterparks by himself?", "Does He live in this whole wide earth?", "Does He live in the sun?" So many questions, and I am so glad you are interested enough to ask!

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