Monday, August 2, 2010


I want to say a big 'Thank You' for being so flexible. Yesterday was a marathon day for us, and you proved to be the perfect angels I know you have the ability to be. Sometimes the tasks that your dad and I participate in mean that you have to have your life interrupted. I rushed you from place to place yesterday, and amongst the chaos, I forgot to give you dinner. Your meal consisted of a granola bar crammed quickly down your throats before evening service began, and then a slice of cake was the second course eaten after church. Now, most children, including yourselves, were THRILLED at the menu, so no apology seems necessary. :)

You are the perfect counterparts to our ministry. You have learned to be flexible, you play and socialize with whatever children are near you at the time, and although you may complain a bit when we have to sacrifice time, you always come to a place of understanding.

I want to thank you for lending your mom and dad to the ministry, and for giving us the permission to spend our time and energy on others. Thank you for being unselfish, and thank you for making ministry with children doable. I pray that God blesses you for your willing participation!

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