Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I don't know what is funnier...the fact that you boys have spent the last two hours playing "house", or that you are pretending your imaginary girlfriends like Justin Bieber.

You boys were in a hurry to finish dinner and dessert so that you could get downstairs to resume your involvement in your other world. You came upstairs to eat and told me that it had to be quick because your imaginary friends were on their way over to play (those are the kind of play dates I like!).

While you were eating I heard Parker say, "Kent, pretend your friend likes Justin Bieber". Kent, you asked in return, "You mean my girlfriend Kacey likes Justin Bieber?" "Yes", Parker you confirmed.

I think it is hilarious that you boys play "house", at least that's what Auntie Shar Shar and I used to call our pretend play. In the past when I've spied on you, one of you has been the Dad, and the other has played the Son. Today though, you are both teenagers (at least that is what I've gathered). Inevitably, "bad guys" somehow invade your world, and the two of you are called to defend your imaginary friends and family.

You play for HOURS, literally, and it is so interesting to see you incorporating culture in to your scenarios. It proves that you really are influenced by what you hear and see. You absorb information that isn't even being directed specifically at you...seriously, Justin Bieber? Your dad and I don't listen to him, we've never spoken of him, and to my knowledge you had never heard his music or seen a picture of him.

Who needs TV? Watching (secretly) the two of you is enough entertainment for me.

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sharonie said...

have they sat in the still car in the driveway yet and pretended like they were going places? i remember us doing that very well!