Sunday, July 4, 2010

(you made this eagle hat at summer camp this week, and you will not let me throw it away. In fact, you received money from Grandpa and you want to use it to buy your brother a matching construction paper head piece.)


When I stop and think about it, I cannot believe that you are celebrating your 4th birthday. Today is your golden birthday, to be exact.

I will never forget sitting at the annual 4th of July Elton Picnic, when you decided it was time to enter in to the world. The contractions started around 3:30 while I was eating a Rice Krispy Treat, and by 7:30 we were headed to our house to drop off Parker and Auntie J, before Daddy and I went to the hospital.

I vividly recall seeing all of the different cities firework display as we drove on the highway at record speeds to reach the hospital. I was screaming in pain, Daddy was focusing on me and the road, Parker was in the backseat with Auntie J singing his ABC's absolutely unaware of what was going on.

I arrived at the hospital near 9:45 and you were born at 10:43..just less than one hour later. I could not believe how perfect you looked when I held you. You had no idea the chaos you just looked at me sweetly, and all the pain was forgiven and forgotten.

Now at 4, you are just what the doctor ordered for my life. You bring so much passion, and your free spirit is good medicine for my sometimes rigid ways. The way you came in to this world, abruptly, unexpected, and fast, is the exact way you live your life. You are in every sense of the word, a firecracker. You keep me on my toes, you drive me to my knees, and you make me laugh more than anyone I know.

You always say, "My birfday is the fourth of THE July." The little addition of "the" before July, melts my heart every time I hear you say it.

Right now, you and your brother are playing with all of your presents (BTW, what's great with you is that I can buy you a bunch of little, inexpensive stuff and you are more impressed with the quantity than quality.), and then we are off to see the Scottbergs to celebrate the 4th.

Love you little big man.

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