Tuesday, July 6, 2010



I am so proud of you. I know that riding a two wheeler is normal for an incoming 1st grader, but it is especially significant in your life because you were scared to face this challenge. I see this feat as a metaphor for your life, and I know this is setting the stage for you to overcome other fears you may face on your journey. You were very hesitant and unsure of yourself when you would practice riding without the training wheels. You are such a perfectionist, and when you can't succeed immediately at something you get very discouraged and frustrated with yourself and the situation. Most times, after you fell off once, you'd pout, and then move on to another activity. That is why I am so proud of you today. You toiled, you worked, you fell, you got back up, you talked yourself out of being scared, and the pushing forward was well worth it. You were beyond excited when you realized what you were doing! You rode and rode and then rode some more. We got back from T-ball, and you rode again. Up and down the street..for almost an hour. This was such a confidence booster, and I thank God that you tasted the sweetness of success that came from determination.

After you were done, you said, "Mom! Aren't you the proudest of me!?"

To which I replied, "I always knew you could ride your bike, so I am happy about that. But, I am most proud that after you fell off the bike, you got back on to try again."

Try Try and Try Again...this is going to make all the difference in your life.

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