Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here is a week or so in review...

Kent, here you are being a funny bunny again. This is how you came in to my office the other day while I was working. How am I supposed to sound professional on the phone, when this is sitting in front of me?

Kent..this is sooo you. This is how you play. A helmet, a sword, and a wrist watch on your ankle is nothing but ordinary for you.

You boys helped a bit at the Fireworks outreach, and then we went back the next day to pick up trash. You weren't too happy about it, but servanthood has to be taught. I wanted you to know what it felt like to humble yourself, sacrifice, and to labor for the Lord. After the initial complaining was over, you boys loved all the treasures you found amongst the trash you were supposed to be cleaning up. You took home three Happy Meal toys and a pencil. Not bad!

Kent, while at a farm themed birthday for a friend at church, you were obsessed with these bunnies. I think the other animals scared you because they were bigger than you, but his little harmless bunny wasn't intimidating. You spent almost your whole time in the cage with it. Yes..we disinfected your whole body when we got home.

Parker, this is you the morning after your first sleepover. You stayed up until 2 am, I picked you up at 10 am, and by 11:30 am, I found you in the middle of the living room floor fast asleep.

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Judith and Lance said...

I absolutely adore the picture of Parker asleep in the living room floor! Too cute and precious!!