Friday, July 2, 2010

We had a great time celebrating Daddy's birthday last night. After we surprised him with Taco Bell for lunch, we were all waiting patiently for him to come home after work. Pastor was generous and let Daddy come home an hour early, so that helped make our plans perfect. We headed out to Edwardsville, and decided to eat at Fazoli's for dinner. Daddy and I used to eat here almost weekly while we were in college, but haven't been back there for over 8 years. I was surprised at how goood it was! You boys ate more breadsticks than pizza, but it was a special occasion, so I let it slide. Plus, you were so full of carbs, you didn't have room for candy during the movie.

We really wanted to see Toy Story 3 and Mimi and Pop Pop sent Kent money for his birthday so we could see it in 3D. I think my favorite part was watching you boys wear those glasses. We sat in a row of course, and I was first, then Parker, then Daddy, and then Kent. By the end of the movie Parker was on my lap, and Kent was occupying Daddy's lap. There were some hilarious moments in the movie, and you boys laughed out loud. There were also some scary moments, and Kent, you were literally shaking and moaning in complete fear. Parker, at the end of the movie, you tried to discreetly wipe away tears from your eyes..I know because I was doing the same.

On the way out of theater I had a second where I was feeling very sentimental. Daddy and I saw Toy Story 1 together on our first date 15 years ago, and here we were walking out of Toy Story 3 with our two children. I love our family. I love our life.

We came home and sang "Happy Birthday" to Daddy, and after eating the Spiderman Cupcakes, you were both sound asleep in minutes.

Such a fantastic day!

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