Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boys, it's Daddy's 32nd Birthday today. We bought him a card to go with his present, and this was no easy task. Parker, because you can read, you are intent on finding the best card possible. You take 45 years to choose (so much like your Pops). Kent, you just want the one with the silliest picture. So, to find one (I'm too cheap to buy two different cards) that fits both of your desires is a challenge. We settled on one today with a naked baby on a toilet and the inside says 'Oh Poop, another Birthday'. Kent got a funny picture, and Parker, you got funny words. Boys.....

We surprised Daddy at lunch with balloons and his favorite fast food..Taco Bell. Tonight we are going to dinner, and then to see Toy Story 3 in 3D..not exactly your dad's ideal movie, but this proves what a great guy he is and how much he loves both you.

We celebrate Daddy today and how much he means to each of us. We love him, and we are blessed to have the head of our home be a man that loves Jesus first and us second.

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