Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boys, this is my 1,000 blog post. I've been blogging for 3.5 years. I started this blog as a way to journal, share my thoughts with others, and practice my writing skills. A while back, I looked at the two of you wanted to freeze you in time. I was saddened at how fast I saw you growing, and it scared me that I would not remember the details of your life. So, I began to gear my blog towards the two of you. I want to remember the way you looked, the funny things you said, and the crazy things you did. Most importantly, I wanted to mark and keep track of God's faithfulness in your life. I wanted to see His work documented, and I wanted a way to remember all that God has done in each of your lives. He has blessed you so, and these entries are going to help us remember just that.

Parker here are some of the reasons why I love you: you look like your dad, your personality traits mirror your dad, but you squint when you smile like me. I love your resiliency, your brilliant and inquiring mind, and your "th's" that sound life "f's". I love that you are still loyal to the Cubs and that you invest your heart and soul in to them. I love that you cuddle Georgie at night, because it reminds me that even though you are growing daily, you'll still be my baby boy. I love that you take care of Kent and help him brush his teeth at night. I love that you follow rules diligently, because you trust the rule giver, whether it be your parents, your teacher, your coach, or your God. I love that you want to be sure all the time that God is around you and hears you. I love that you try hard to please God, and you are trying to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. I love that I can trust you with many responsibilities. I love that you are dependable and mature. I love that you shy away from the girls who chase you, but you do it with a sneaky smile. I love that you give 100% to every task that is before you. I love how you tell me that you are good at many things. I love how you eat up praise, and how you devour compliments. I love that you love Math, and Reading. I love that you ask me questions that I have to go to the internet to answer. I love that you keep my mind sharp, and my spirit encouraged. I love love love you, and you son, are among my life's most precious treasures.


I love your dimples. I love how although you have your dad's features, your personality mirrors mine. I love how you cannot hide an emotion, and you make no effort to do so. I love how you are all or nothing. I love that you don't take "because" as an acceptable answer. I love how you challenge and push, because that is what a remnant does. I love how you love passionately, whether it be your friends at church, your brother, or your raggedly blue bunny. I love that you have chubby hands, and that you wear your Silly Bands all the time along with your yellow plastic Spiderman watch. I love how you have insatiable hunger...for food, for knowledge, for socializing, for love. I love how you move my hair away from my face to whisper in my ear, even when all you say is "booty". I love that you are the comic relief of this family. I love how you take risks, yet you still have a calculated way of thinking. I love that you think you are funny. I love how you demand to be the center of attention with your silliness and knock knock jokes. I love that you are my shopping buddy, and errand cohort. I love that you flip through your orange Gideon New Testament Bible as if you are really reading the words on each page. I love that you say "sorry" when you know you've overstepped boundaries. I love that you think you are playing cards. I love that how your chubby hand looks as you navigate the mouse on the laptop. I love the softness of your cheeks, I love how you climb in to bed with me and Daddy EVERY MORNING, and how you cling to me like a monkey when you're scared. I love that you challenge me, you refine me, and how you being you lightens my heart daily. I love love love you, and you son, are among my life's most precious treasures.

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