Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer is a time for friends. We have been very blessed with friends here, and I'm happy to have them over to play. One thing that Mimi and Pop Pop did was to create an open door policy with our home. The Elton house was literally a revolving door, and it was the central hang out spot for Auntie Shar Shar's and my friends all through high school and college. I would even come home from work to find my friends at my house hanging out with my family without me! My parents created such a welcoming atmosphere, and treated each person as family from the moment they walked in the door. I think my parents were smart to do this...if we always had our friends over, they could always keep their eye on us!

I plan on using that same method!

Parker, you and your friend enjoyed using your Hot Wheel Race Track.

Parker, this is you and two of your friends on the Slip N Slide in our backyard.

Kenters, here you are with your friend Miss E. We made cookies when she was here, you rode bikes, you played house, and you played a few rounds of Jumping Monkeys.

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