Monday, May 10, 2010

This Mother's Day was not the best one on record. I think that if you're in the ministry, you should celebrate Mother's Day the day before or after. I'll file that one realization away to implement next year. We've been so busy these last few days, so Mother's Day came and went without much attention. Also, somebody stole my sweet and innocent children and replaced them with crabby ones just for the Mother's Day Holiday. There were more timeouts given yesterday, than there had been all week.

This morning, Parker, you were feeling a bit guilty for your behavior and you said, "Mom, I am sorry for my appetite yesterday."

"You mean your attitude?"

"Yes. I will be better next Mother's Day".

How sweet of you. It is so interesting to see your conscience begin to work and develop.

Being a mom is the hardest job I've ever known. I think being a ministry mom adds another dimension to that as well. Plus, it was my first Mother's Day not seeing my mom and family, and I think I my day had a cloud over it. During the prayer over the meal, my family called so I could "be" with them, but I think it just made me more sad.

But...when you two are can I remain sad or mad?? Mother's Day is a chance to celebrate the fact that I get to be a part of the lives of you two growing men.

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sharonie said...

yepo...crying as a read this! I don't know what it is...but this move that has you all far away has been really hard on me!