Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well, we had to start the behavior chart up again. I've been a little lax with it due to our transition, but now it's back to earning stars, and trading them in for pennies. You are saving for our vacation to TN, so there is a big incentive to be on your best behavior.

Parker, I spent about a half hour with you trying to learn how to ride a two wheeler. You can get pushed down in a basketball game, get right back up, and start playing. You've been kicked int he head in a soccer game, and it didn't phase you. I've accidently hit you in the stomach with a baseball, and you picked it up and threw the ball to first base. But, you are hesitant when it comes to taking both feet off the ground. We prayed about it last night, and we are just going to practice practice practice.

Kenters, while Parker and I were doing that, you were busy making friends with a 4th grader on the block. Before I knew it, you, she, and her twin sister were jumping on our trampoline. You were cracking them up. You are so endearing, because you are silly silly. You will do anything for a laugh, and having an audience motivates you to preform even more.

You have both been in to your Bibles lately. You read them with us last night, and then continued to read them after we left. This morning after breakfast you read them, and Kent, you insisted on taking yours to school. The problem is, the only story you guys ever want to read is Jesus on the Cross. We read it over and over and over and over again. Good. I hope it sticks.

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