Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random pictures from the last few weeks...

This is you Parker, and your dear friend Miriam. We met her and the rest of your former Bible Quiz team in Springfield, and you quizzed with them for that one meet. Oh Goodness. You and Miriam were on another planet than the rest of the world. You had fun, but you didn't do so well in the quizzing portion. You were ecstatic to see her again, and in a matter of seconds, the two of you picked up where you left off. You are so sensitive and when it was time to go, you had some tears. But, you promised to write, and when we are visiting family in Chicago, Miriam's house will be a pit stop.

This picture cracks me up. Auntie J is up on our ledge arranging our decorations in our new house. Pop Pop eventually moved from where he was resting on the couch, because he was afraid of something being dropped on his head. What you don't see is me and Mimi giving Auntie J a thousand different directions. BTW, this wall is now green. Bye Bye gold.

Kenters, I love this picture. We were doing a family craft, and you had started to paint the birdhouse you and Daddy had just put together. You can tell you are concentrating so much on giving this project your best effort. This facial expression reveals a look of confusion, determination, and maybe a little bit of frustration. I love it.

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A. Suzanne said...

when i read your posts about kent i crack up. there is a song, by layton howerton, that's all about the middle child syndrome that i know (and kent seems to know) all too says, "my parents said, 'please excuse him, he's crazy and wild....he's our MIDDLE CHILD!"

power to all the middle children of the world! :)