Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ahhh boys, I'm in a funk. I'm consumed with getting our home put together. It's been 5 months since we packed our bags and moved here. My heart still misses the students, and the familiarity of the community in which we lived. But, the bright side is that people here haven't treated us like guests or visitors, but they've quickly accepted us as their own, and have treated us like family. This has made me feel like I'm putting down roots already. And that is something that is essential for my personality and emotional well being. I'm still trying to figure out my place, and where and how I can serve best. So, if I seem to be a bit preoccupied, or if I'm starring at you but my mind is in another place, that is what is going on inside this complex brain of mine. I'm trying to let go of the past, so I can embrace this wonderful present that God has blessed us with.

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