Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kent, last night for dessert I cut up strawberries and bananas and covered them in chocolate syrup. You looved it.

"Mommy, do you know that bananas come from marshmallows?'
"Really, how do you know that?"
"Because they are both circles and they are both white and they both sometimes have chocolate."

I have not been particularly happy with your preschool, and I feel like the emphasis has not been on academic learning. You still haven't mastered letter sound, and number recognition beyond 10. By four years old, you should know these basics. That gives us four weeks to meet that benchmark. So, I am going to be your teacher. After breakfast on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we are going to do some homework. You have been working on writing the letters A,B, and C, and the numbers 1, 2, and 3. You know your shapes by recognition, but have trouble drawing them. You can count and match and do dot to dot fairly well. So, we are going to step up your academic game. You enjoy the work, and your reward is seeing your work displayed on our fridge. I made the mistake of tossing some of you work, and you found it in the trash and put it back on the fridge.

Parker, I can't keep up with you and your books. I literally could go to the library daily for you. Daddy just told me that he has had to come in your room several times tonight and scold you for not sleeping..what were you doing? You were in between the blinds and the window trying to use the street light to read. For your homework I have you doing time, reading comprehension, and of course math. I am also having you write 3 letters a week to friends or family of your choice. So far, you have written to Miriam, Sam Harris, and Nico and Gigi.

I was not a very academic individual. I was more interested in sports and socializing. I was an average student, but I sadly failed to see the value of investing in my education. Your dad on the other hand was a diligent student, and excelled in his academic endeavors. I pray for you to be like your dad! He is brilliant, and inquisitive. I want you to learn, grow, and be faithful to your studies.

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