Friday, May 28, 2010

You boys are such troopers. Yesterday I took you on a trip to Hobby Lobby, Jo Anne Fabrics, and Old Time Pottery. You weren't thrilled, but for the most part you behaved yourselves in all of those "mom stores".

When we got home, we had the best family night. We played baseball with Daddy, and then all four of us jumped on the trampoline. Well, Daddy jumped and the three of us were like pop corn at his mercy.

We did our devotions last night and Kent, you chose the story of Samson. You enjoy the fact that he is so strong that he can "be stronger than the biggerest giants". Parker, of course, you chose Jesus on the Cross. The devotional asked us to think of one of the most sad days of your life. Parker you responded with "when Jane's baby died in her belly" (we had a family member experience a miscarriage recently, and this has really stuck with you). Then when it came time for prayer requests, Kent you wanted to pray for "the trampoline and for Jane's baby that is in heaven". I told you that we didn't need to pray for this baby anymore because it was in the perfect place with Jesus, but we did pray for God to give her another strong baby in her belly.

I love you boys. I love how sensitive you are to other people's hurts and needs. I want you to love Jesus, and one of the ways we do that is by loving the people around us. They are his children, and what better way to serve our Lord, than by loving his people?

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