Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've been reading in the book of Amos this past week. It's a random, small book near the end of the Old Testament. I often overlook those minor prophets, but for some reason, I decided to revisit them.

Amos speaks about how God is going to punish and discipline all of the nations surrounding Israel, but the worst punishment is reserved for Israel itself because they are God's children, and therefore held to a higher standard. Israel had a covenant relationship with God, they had lived under the blessings of God..they have seen His goodness and holiness, yet they continued to sin. Amos tells of the terrible happenings that await this nation that knew God, yet chose to live as if they had no knowledge of Him.

But..the last few paragraphs of this short book reveal how God will not completely ruin this people. That there will be a remnant..those who have remained committed despite adversity.

I pray this for you boys. America as a nation has known the goodness of God, yet we as a collective people have chosen to live as if we don't know Him. Nothing good can come of that. Because God is perfectly just, our actions bear consequence. Although God is all loving, and undoubtedly patient, He still disciplines and punishes. My prayer for you two is that you would be among the remnant of this country. That you would not participate in the lifestyle that dishonors God, that while the majority of you fellow people turns their back on God, you would remain steadfast.

I pray for you to be would stand when others fall, and that God would use you to rebuild His Kingdom.

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