Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kent, today we spent some time outside. I was reading, and you were...make-believing.

"Kent, who are you talking to?"
"I am playing a soccer game and Mario and Yoshi are on my team, and Lugi and Sonic X and the bad guys beat us cuz I'm not so good at soccer actually."
"What is that stick in your hand? Is that your weapon for soccer?"
"No. It's my collection actually. It's not for soccer, it's for when I'm playing house."
"Who are you friends in 'house"?
"His name is Nico Grotto and he is as tall as my bunk bed. Mmm hmmm. Nico Grotto is my brudder but he sleeps somewhere else. We have one pet. It's a horse."

We went from soccer, to Mario Brothers, to Sonic, to Sticks, to our cousin Nico being your imaginary friend who doubles as your brother, to plastic horses being your pet. Okaaay? Play away child, play away.

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