Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Too much to say too little time. Bullet points it is...

*We closed on our house in Frankfort. God is good!

*In 8 days we will close on our new house here. God is good!

*Parker you had a nice Spring Break and you and brother didn't kill each other. God is Good!

*Kent, your heart is becoming tender as you are starting to realize things about Jesus. I often see you sitting on the couch looking through your Bible. Good is good!

*Parker, you are making friends here and you are still inspiring me to embrace the changes in our life. God is good!

*Kent, you have started to treat Gigi like your baby. He you keep him in a "crib" (a box) and you gave him a blanket and toys and you are very careful to tell us when Gigi is sleeping so we can be quiet. I think this is developing a more sensitive side to you. God is good!

*Parker, you are going to quiz with out old church in Springfield this weekend and you have had to rememorize 90 questions for the meet, and you've done fantastic. God is good!

*God has been opening up my eyes, and challenging me to give give and give more. More of my self. More of my talents (which I'm still trying to figure out what those are), and more of my resources. He is worthy of everything I am and have. God is good!

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Busy Momma said...

God IS good! Glad you have your house stuff taken care of! :)