Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well boys, we’ve been here just a little over 4 days. Auntie Denise and Auntie J were kind enough to drive you down a day after Daddy and I got here. It gave us the opportunity to clean the house and unpack our stuff before you boys arrived. When you first walked in to the house, you were very relieved to see your toys here waiting for you. When you saw your bunk beds, you squealed and began the constant routine of going down, then up, then down, then up….

Saturday night we went to dinner with our senior pastor, Pastor Phil and his wife Ms. Renee. To welcome you here, they bought you a new Wii game and a new remote. Kent, you snatched the remote right out of Ms. Renee’s hands…I was so embarrassed. Parker, you whispered to me, “Mom, why are these people being so nice to us?”

We went to church for our first time on Sunday. You both separated fairly easily, and the fact that each class has donuts was very helpful! Parker, you did well, and when I spied on you during one of the classes I saw you working on a puzzle with a group of other children. Kent, you were a little more hesitant to go in, but once you did, you were fine. When I picked you up, you told me that some girls were mean to you, but that you used your words to tell them how you felt. I have a sneaking suspicion that the attitude of these little ladies was warranted.

After service, we went to lunch with the youth pastors, and we ran in to the Senior Pastor and his wife at the restaurant. Kent, you told Pastor Phil that your transformer toy just farted. Oh child, you make me want to stick my head inside my shell sometimes. You are who you are, and there is no toning you down. Good thing Pastor Phil and Ms. Renee have raised 5 children of their own, and they apparently have a good sense of humor, and an extreme amount of patience. Sunday night it was back to church for the evening service. Parker you did well, but Kent, you put up a little bit of a fight when snack time ended too premature for your liking. You apparently let your feelings of anger be known by whining and kicking cabinets. After a time out, you cooled off and were able to rejoin the class. When I picked you up I made you apologize to your teacher, and you did so dutifully. Then, when we got home, you were put to bed without a snack, and you were not allowed to participate in the family video game hour. You screamed and screamed, but eventually you accepted your punishment, and cried yourself to sleep. Slowly but surely, this temper of yours is going to be tamed. I am learning that consistency pays off, and that I need to remind you that listening to me and to authorities is not an option…it’s a requirement.

I am trying to patient with you both, because I know that this move has stressed me out, and I can imagine how you feel as well. You’ve been uprooted and displaced, but I think you are both strong, and with time, I foresee you adjusting just fine. The people of the church community have been so incredibly welcoming to us as a family, and I know this has helped you both feel safe and secure in your new environment.

We continue to pray for our home to be sold, and we continue to see God be faithful. God is good. God is good. God is good. I say that to remind you, and me as well.


Samantha said...

God is faithful. And good. I shall repeat it with you...

Judith and Lance said...

Praying for you. I know how difficult a transition like this can be. Kent sounds so much like Bella. When we pretend play Sunday School typically the entire time is devoted to snack time!! HAHA

Kristy said...

God is good. :)