Thursday, January 14, 2010


You have amazed me this last week. I honestly was fearful of how your meek personality would handle this vast amount of change, but you have literally left me with my jaw to the floor. You have made an almost seamless transition. I think you've adjusted better than the rest of us. Your confidence baffles me. You walked in to your classroom with no problems, took your seat, and got to work. The same thing happened on Sunday morning and Wednesday night. On the way home from church you did say that you missed your old friends, but other than that, you've been so flexible. You've truly inspired me.


You are just so Kent. You refused to eat the dinner last night at church because the jelly was too "slimy" for you. I have no idea what that means. I think you saw all of the children running in the gym, and that was the quickest excuse you could come up with so you could join them. You were a little scared to go in to your Rainbows room, but I just peeled you off and left. I saw you go down the slide a few minutes later, and all was well. When I picked you up at the end, I didn't see you in the classroom. Your teacher said you were in the bathroom. Here is something you need to know about yourself..going to the bathroom is not a menial task for is a an event, an activity of sorts. You will sit on that potty for as long as I'll let you and sing, talk, and make up games with your arms and legs. I had a feeling that was what you were doing last night. Sure enough, when I opened the bathroom door in the class, I saw you sitting on the potty talking to imaginary people and kicking your legs back and forth. You overflowed the toilet with so much paper, that your kind teacher had to plunge it.

Before bed Daddy read a story to you from The Hobbit, and you both fell sound asleep. Parker, you start basketball on Saturday, and Kent, you start pre-school next Wednesday. I start work on Tuesday, and am currently looking for another way to supplement our income. I feel like our engine is slowly gaining steam, and we'll be on our way in no time.

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Megan said...

So glad to hear all the great news. The boys will def. miss their friends just like you miss yours. I loved seeing on your facebook that your new church family bought you groceries. God is good! I pray God continues to bless your socks off! You guys deserve nothing less! Have a great week and please remember that I am praying for you and your family.