Wednesday, January 6, 2010

(back row: Mr. Steve, Mrs. Turk, Ms. Kathy, Jacob, Me, Kent, Daddy, Parker. front row: Mr. Jeff, Ms. Deb, and Mr. Jim)


Last night we said goodbye to our dear dear neighbors. We've been blessed with the best people on the block! Our four houses make up a square, and I've never met people like these. They've been so helpful to us, and we have thoroughly enjoyed their company. One time, I had to knock on Steve and Deb's door at 7am when I accidently locked myself out of our house. Steve broke in through a window in our kitchen, and then let me in the front door. Steve and Deb have left eggs on our front lawn for your boys every easter, and have been just as thoughtful on so many occasions. Jim has helped me get out of the driveway once when I was stuck in two feet of snow, and his wife Kathy was so helpful when we were trying a gluteen free diet for Kent, and you boys enjoyed their son Jacob who was born just a few days after Kent. Jeff and Turk have been our family away from family. Jeff has mowed our lawn and plowed our driveway as much as we have, and Turk has watched you boys every other Sunday during home groups for the past year and a half. These are the types of people that make you never want to leave a neighborhood. We've had parties and bonfires, and have developed close trusting relationships with these people. They will never be replaced.


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