Saturday, December 12, 2009

You boys got a special visit from Grandpa Paul who lives in California. He came to spend the day with you. He read you books, played games with you, and then built a gingerbread house (pictures to follow). Kent, while we were doing the house, you stuck a piece of the candy up your nose. When I saw your face, I knew exactly what happened without you having to even say a word. We plugged the opposite nostril and had you blow, and out shot a little blue candy ball. While Daddy was wiping your nose, you tried sticking another one in your ear. Good thing he caught you in time!

We had Auntie Shar Shar's surprise party today, and then we came home to watch The Grinch. You saw it last year, but forgot what it was about. Kent, you watched the first 30 minutes from behind the were very scared. Parker, I looked at you at one point during the movie and you were wiping your eyes. I asked you if you were scared, and you said, "No Mom!! I'm crying because he has no family and everyone is making fun of him!". You crawled in my lap and watched the remainder of the movie next to me. Kent, you eventually joined us and all three of us were cuddled under the blanket (Daddy was finishing up the painting in the mudroom).

Parker...the greatest news of the day came from you as soon as you woke up. You have your first loose tooth. You've been wiggling it all day and were so proud to show it off to everyone at the party who'd listen. You asked me if the tooth fairy was going to bring you a present or money. I think you may have your fictional characters confused...I've never heard of a tooth fairy bringing presents!

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Mike Stenglein said...

Hmmm....I wonder if Parker knows that the going Tooth Fairy rate is around $2.50/tooth? Might have to mention that to him. In these economic it is good to make sure that ol' tooth fairy doesn't try to short change the young man. :-D