Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yesterday I sat with your teacher for your 1st quarter conference. As soon as I walked in she said, "Ahh, Mrs. Scottberg, this is going to be an easy one because Parker is such a great student."

She proceeded to tell me how you were an above average reader, and your score for your phonetics was off the charts. She did say that you do confuse the sound that the letter "u" makes, and that we need to concentrate on you memorizing your phone number and address. She said that you know more words than you've covered, and she wanted to know how you were able to read so many advanced words. Your coloring and cutting were perfect, but we do need to work on making your "P" and "6" a little more precise.

She then moved on to your behavior. She said that you are her most reliable helper. You are the one she sends to the office on errands, and you are the person she pairs with the more difficult students because you are so easy to get along with. She commented that you have many friends, and that students seek you out because you play so well with everyone.

I was so proud of you that I bought you a toy gun, and we celebrated with a family slumber party downstairs. We watched "Stuart Little' and you and Kent slept on the floor.

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Megan said...

What a proud momma you are! When I use to teach I would have LOVED to have Parker in my class. I'm sure she wishes she had a whole classroom of Parkers! haha You may not agree though ;)

GREAT JOB, Parker and GREAT JOB, mom and dad for being such great parents!