Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

This post will show you how much I love you and how dedicated of a mother I am. Well, it will at least show you how frugal I am!!

Auntie J, Auntie Shar Shar, and I made our Black Friday plans on Thanksgiving evening. We searched through all the ads, made a list of the items we needed, and devised a plan. We assigned each person items to get in each store. We designated a meeting spot and an exit plan for each location. Every move was part of a strategy.

So, at 10 pm, we all headed out. We wore matching outfits, and we each had a whistle around our neck in case we got separated from each other in the store and our cell phones didn't work.

We arrived at Toys R US in Naperville at around 10:30 pm. We were greeted by at least 80 other individuals already on line. We took our places and began the hour and half wait. They only people in the store in twelves, to avoid chaos. By the time we went in, there were over 600 people in a single file line behind us. So, all in all, we were in a great spot! We entered the store, got our items, and were out in 22 minutes....well, J took a little longer in order to track down a slide for Blake, but Shar Shar and I just waited in the car for her. Success!

We then went to back to our headquartes for coffee, snacks, and the acquisition of more glvoes, hats, and blankets.

We arrived at Target in Winfield at 3:30, and were about the 15th people in line. Auntie J waited in line there, while Auntie Shar Shar and I headed over to wait in line at Kohls across the parking lot. We were about 8th in line. When the door at Kohl's opened at 4 am, we got what we needed and were back in line with Janna at Target by 4:30. When the doors of Target were opened at 5 am, we did our shopping, and were out and home by 6 am.

We saved a ton of money, avoided the chaos, and we laughed and laughed and laughed.


Samantha said...

I want in...diiiiiiiiid you have use the whistles at any point in the morning?

Megan said...

I stated laughing so hard when I read about the whistles! haha Too funny!

Chris and I were also very productive with what we had on our list for black Friday. In and out and back in VA by 10am. (We were in MD)

I am sure you took pictures of your matching outfits so lets see! :)

Bethany Patrice said...

we used the whistles to ward off line cutters at Toys R US. It Worked!!!!