Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday with the Scottbergs

After I got home from shopping, I slept about a half hour, and then you boys woke up. Mimi and Pop Pop watched you for another hour so I could sleep, but then it was time to get up and ready for the day with the Scottberg family. We saw Uncle Brian, Aunite Melissa, Kayla, and Sarah. Then, as an added treat, we also got to see Aunt Margret, and Chris and Grant. We don't get to see them often, so we were looking forward to it. Kent, you took a liking to 16 year old Chris, and followed him around everywhere.

I was a little nervous about how you boys were going to interact with Kayla who is almost 2, and Sarah, who is about 6 months old. When you are with Blake, you guys wrestle and jump around and are rough. I was anxious about you being too aggressive with your petite little girl cousins. But, to my surprise, you both were gentle and sensitive. Well, Kent, you got mad at Kayla because she kept taking "your" toys. You don't understand that she is too young to understand. But, after awhile, you and Kayla were pounding on the piano together and singing your hearts out. I think that we decided that Kent and Kayla are going to be a dangerous are both fiesty. Then there is Parker and Sarah, two very laid back and easy going cousins.

By the time we left, everyone was exhausted. You boys slept on the hour drive home, and then watched the second half of The Fellowship of the Ring with Daddy. I went to bed!

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mscottberg said...

Your a trooper Bethany, I hope you finally got some rest! Kent and Kayla have the same mouth when they are singing at the piano...oh my!!! In your prayers for Kayla and Sarah, please pray they grow some hair...haha!