Friday, October 23, 2009

When you were both under three, I used to wish for the days when you'd be older and more independent. I somehow thought that with age, our life would become simpler. I am just now catching on, that those WERE the simpler times. Our life has gotten more busy, chaotic, and hectic. I used to look forward to crossing the street to get the mail because I got to leave the house. I used to be so depressed when days went by and we never even got our of pajamas. Oh how I wish for those days back! We've been running around like crazy, and I'd give anything to bored again.

I think some of my favorite times were when you were both so little, there was no school, no commitments for you two, and no work for me. We'd wait by the door for Daddy to come home from work like little kids wait in line at a candy store. Our nights were spent playing and relaxing and being together.

It seems like the older you become, the less time we have together. That's why we have to take full advantage of our time together. It stinks that Parker is in school on Daddy's day off, but we have to rearrange our priorities, and make time together an non-negotiable habit now. Our lives are just going to get crazier, so we have to protect and promote our family togetherness as much as possible. I know I'm going to blink, and the two of you will be off to college.

Do they home school for college? I may look in to that :)


mscottberg said...

i needed to hear this being at home with 2 kids under 2 years right now:-)

Radka said...

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