Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last night we went to Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday dinner. I'm not a fan of the place only because I think Grandma Bea cooks better, but you boys enjoy eating out and we had a gift card there. You filled up on breadsticks, and I currently have two cheese pizza's leftover in our fridge.

After dinner Daddy took you both to my favorite store TARGET, and let each of you pick out something for me. Parker, you picked out some gold earrings with green polka dots for me. Kent, you were on a mission to find me a hula-hoop, but since you couldn't find one, you picked out a leopard print bracelet instead.

The funniest thing is that Daddy took you to the store alone (something I do all the time). When you all went through the candy isle to find Hershey's chocolate for me, you boys helped yourself to the bins of jellybeans and each took a handful. I have been taking children to Target on a tri-weekly basis, and that has never happened. Two minutes in the store with Daddy and you boys steal candy. I think you knew that since I wasn't there, you could get away with more. You also had to take a family trip to the public bathroom, which is an adventure in itself. That entire scenario was present enough for me..I laughed and laughed.

This morning you greeted me with Happy Birthdays when I got home from the gym, my bed was made, and you made me toast for breakfast. Parker, you had a hard time getting on the bus to go to school today. You didn't want to leave me.

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Cara said...

How cute!! Hope you had a great birthday :)