Monday, October 19, 2009


today one of the helper's in Kids Church told me that you raised your hands in worship for the first time today. I didn't immediately ask you about it, because I've learned that you'll share information with me as you are ready. If I push you, you shut down, but if I give you time, you'll just randomly begin to talk.

So, as we were eating lunch today, you just blurted out.."Mom, today I was nervous to raise my hands for worship, but then God helped me not to be scared anymore. I raised them like this (and you proceeded to show me how you lifted your hands in the air. It kind of looked like someone was holding you up at gunpoint) "Is this the right way?" you asked.

I told you it didn't matter how you raised your hands, and how happy God was with you because you worshiped Him with a right heart.

I get tears in my eyes just recording this conversation. You are so hesitant to do anything out of your comfort zone, but I am always trying to encourage you to remember that because you have God in your life, you don't have to fear anything. I love how you worked your way through the process, and even though you were nervous, you stepped out of your box.


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Joan said...

I love this little boy! What a sweet and precious heart for God he has. Bethany, what wonderful truths you and Erik are teaching Parker and Kent. I look forward to the seeing destinies God has designed for each of them as they grow up into strong and passionate men for the gospel of Jesus Christ!