Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our weekend recap...

We went to the Musuem of Science and Industry last's a quick picture of the three of us.

Here is the whole Elton crew that gathered together to carve pumpkins and sing Happy Birthday to me.

Here is Parker after his first JBQ meet. Your team went 2-3, and did such a great job! You were a little hesitant at first, but you gained confidence as the day went on. You knew all of the answers, but now I guess we have to learn the questions too so you can be faster on the buzzer. Goodness gracious-some of these kids are insanely fast. You were a little frustrated, but getting a goody bag and being with your friends lifted your spirits. You also placed 10th in your age group for points, and you are incredibly proud of your ribbon. You were sure to show it off to everyone in sight. On the way home from the meet, I was trying to merge our van into another lane and you yelled out to the car beside us "Hey guy! Let us in! Don't you know I'm the 10th place quizzer? No self esteem problems here.

Here our family pumpkins for the fall season. Kent, yours is a one eyed happy monster, and Parker, yours is Derrek Lee. Surprise Surprise.

Kent, during Parker's quiz meet, your Auntie J and Uncle J graciously came and took you on several adventures. They took you to Dunkin Donuts, the pet store, and McDonald's, the card store, and then Auntie J put you down for a nap.

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