Monday, September 21, 2009

Our lives are crazy hectic, and you boys are good sports to be dragged around from place to place. I used to feel extremely guilty for having weekends and evenings where we had no ministry taking place, but I'm past that point. I cherish the boring, uneventful nights we have together in our home just relaxing and being a family. I see how valuable it is for your school performance, and everyday behavior to get a good night sleep, and to have as much routine as possible. I can already see that with you getting older, you want to be involved in more and more activities. Kent, you go to Pre-School, youre' in Rainbows, and Art Class starts soon. Parker you are in school full time, soccer, Royal Rangers, and Bible Quiz. You want to start basketball and floor hockey too. To top that all off, we have all of our church activities with the youth as well. I can see how intentional scheduling of family time is an absolute priority, and that is the promise I am making to you. You will never come in second. If you ever feel as if that is the case, you have the freedom to immediately express your concerns. You boys are my first ministry. You are our most important sheep, and the ones to which we are held accountable for first and foremost. I love you boys.

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