Friday, September 18, 2009

I heard some disturbing information on the local news last night. It makes me want to put you in a helmet, layer you in bubblewrap, homeschool you, and never allow you out of my sight to see or interact with any other human being.

But, I have to learn to submit you to God, your best parent, and know that He watches over you and that He is sovereign. There is something peaceful about knowing that God never sleeps, and that His eyes are always upon you. It comforts me to remember that His angels work alongside Him to protect you. This is why I utter the words "Jesus be with you" every time I let you out of my care.

Just some thoughts as I lay in bed last night trying to sleep and having anxiety over your wellbeing.

Yesterday Parker had picture day, and you cried and cried because you didn't want to wear a "church" shirt to school. I grabbed your face and looked in to your eyes, and with a stern voice I said, "If you don't smile nice for pictures you're going to be grounded". I'm sure that helped the situation! :)

Kent, you and I went to Grandma Bea's house to clean for her. You enjoyed hanging out with Auntie Shar Shar, Grandma Bea, Blake, and Auntie Neace.

When we got home I had you boys stretch, run around the block two times for training, and then we played football, baseball, and soccer. Kent, you get bored quite easily, and Parker, all you want to do is play baseball. I have to beg you to practice soccer! :)


Anonymous said...

Cool Blog thing a ma jig... YOu like Queen... surprising but cool! We are the Champions! One of my favorite songs. Your the best! :)
Val Schiller

sharonie said...

ummm what about your kindergarten pictures...what happended to you with your pictures?