Tuesday, September 22, 2009


At about 2:30 this morning, you had an accident. I changed you and got your bed ready, but you had problems falling back asleep. Finally at about 6:40 this morning, you tried to squeeze into the inch and a half of space between me and the edge of my bed. "Will you cuddle me mommy?" Of course.


Last night Daddy and I told you we were going to take you and Kent to the Cub's game next Thursday. You were jumping up and down and squealing with delight. "Kent! You can see Fukudome and I can see Derrek Lee!" I don't have the heart to tell you that the game means nothing, and I am PRAYING that Lee plays, and that Fukudome makes an appearance. Your hearts would be broken if you didn't get to see your two favorite players.

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